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8/02 2012

Apple TV’s innovative business model

Many commentators have picked up on a piece from the Globe and Mail suggesting that Canadian telcos Rogers and Bell are currently testing Apple TV sets. This has led to a lot of speculation about the kind of business model that Apple might pursue.

MG Siegler at Parislemon questioned whether this model mightREAD MORE

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23/01 2012

With iBooks Author Apple is Enabling the Books of the Future

Apple's iBooks Author will change the way books are written

iBooks Author can make a huge difference to the textbooks available for the iPad, and the way in which students understand and absorb material. Although Apple aimed the authoring suite at school textbooks, its potential use is so much wider to any kind of book that seeks to demonstrate.

The Future isREAD MORE

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15/12 2011

What Can RIM do to Survive?


AllthingsD asked the question this morning “what can RIM do to survive?” and it’s a very interesting question. It seems that almost everyone, except RIM, realizes that they have been disrupted in the smartphone market and are doomed to see their market share erode to irrelevance.

They need to consider what theirREAD MORE

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13/12 2011

Shall We Put a QR Code on a Billboard?

If you’re like me, you’re unconvinced with QR codes. Do you really think that Mr or Mrs average will wipe-out their iPhones, find a QR reader and then try to get the QR code in focus? I don’t think so either.


Scott Stratten from the Unmarketing Blog puts it better thanREAD MORE

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12/12 2011

New iPhone in July and New iPad in October

The end-of-year rumour-mill is suggesting that there will be a new iPad early next year, but does this make sense? When would it be logical for Apple to introduce new devices?

Look first at the iPhone. The current iPhone 4S is selling exceedingly well, and is still the best smartphone onREAD MORE

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6/12 2011

Why Netflix is an Incumbent Ready to be Disrupted

20111205-201558.jpgWhat’s not to love about Netflix – films and TV on-demand without ads, all for a low monthly rate? It’s the future of TV! So what if it doesn’t have the latest and greatest shows, it has enough to keep you entertained.

Moreover, how many people do you know who wouldREAD MORE

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24/11 2011

What Toyota and Honda can Learn About Products from Apple

Japanese car makers are suddenly finding it hard to compete in the North American market. Where once, they saw year on year market share growth, now they are stagnating or loosing share. Is this because of the Tsunami, the bail outs or the recession?

I believe the main reason lays elsewhere.READ MORE

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19/10 2011

It was a Good Thing that Apple Failed to buy Dropbox

apple didn't buy Dropbox, and that's a good thing

Dropbox is such an Apple like product. It’s the only remote storage solution that actually just works, that’s fast and reliable. It just feels Apple-like. So no one was surprised to learn yesterday that Steve Jobs tried to buy the company in 2009.

People who use Dropbox love it, and for many itREAD MORE

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17/10 2011

Sell People the Good Life – An Evening with Bikram Choudhury


“All people want is the good life. I made a lot of money selling people the good life.” So, according to my memory, said Bikram Choudhury last night when he visited Montréal. It is a very astute and interesting remark. Bikram talked about how people want to live well, aboutREAD MORE

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13/10 2011

Steve Jobs, Air France and Expressing the Values of your Tribe

Whilst watching some of the older videos of Steve Jobs, I was particularly taken by this one pointed out but Mitch Joel at Twist Image. In it, Steve explains why he’s changing Apple’s advertising strategy from one focused on bits and feeds to one of emotions.

The new advertising, The Chosen Ones,READ MORE