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15/04 2011

RIM’s PlayBook Critics are Off the Ball


It’s been a bad week for RIM, first it’s co-CEO has an interview go wrong with the BBC and secondly the first impressions from the tech press call it a dud.

I think, though, when you look at the details, the tech press may have got it wrong about RIM. There isREAD MORE

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28/03 2011

RIM’s Niche and Applications

Jean-Louis Gassé

wrote a very interesting piece this weekend where he suggested that RIM’s co-CEOs are inmates that have taken over the asylum. His point is that RIM’s biggest weakness is its lack of apps, and their strategy of allowing Android phone apps on the PlayBook won’t solve that.


It’s an interesting piece,READ MORE

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16/02 2011

How to get around Apple’s new in app charging requirement


Apple has caused a lot of dissent in the content world by promising to apply rules requiring an in-app purchasing option for content also sold outside an app after 30th June.

In this fashion, Apple will take a 30% cut of the publisher’s revenue to pay for customer acquisition costs. WhetherREAD MORE

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14/02 2011

Samsung’s latest Tablet

At the world mobile congress in Barcelona Samsung unveiled their latest Android 3.0 honeycomb tablets. Interestingly they announced a new 10 inch tablet, but no new 7 inch ones.

Is Samsung abandoning its early adopters as Steve Jobs expected?

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12/02 2011

Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone 7


Image from Engadget

The deal between Microsoft and Nokia to provide a new smartphone platform for the latter is a great deal all around. Nokia’s current OS, both Symbian and MeeGo have horrible UIs and are not competitive.

That led Nokia staring at a black hole as people move from featureREAD MORE

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10/02 2011

Why there is a market for HP/Palm’s TouchPad


Today HP/Palm unveiled their new WebOS based Tablet, the TouchPad. Despite arrousing a lot of interest from the tech press, many are sceptical as to whether HP can succeed in this market.


HP has done a good job

From what was shown during the presentation, HP seems to have done a greatREAD MORE

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19/01 2011

Facebook’s Internal Market in Product Development


According to Matt Rosoff in Business Insider, Facebook developers (engineers) have a huge amount of freedom regarding the projects they work on. Product Managers have to sell their idea to engineers.

This is a fantastic idea. On the one hand, the product manager is more likely to have an engineer who isREAD MORE

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4/01 2011

Why the Kindle Reader is not Important to Amazon

What did Amazon want to achieve with the Kindle Reader? Did it want to own the e-reader space? I would wager that it doesn’t care about e-readers, so long as they can access Amazon distributed ebooks.


Amazon’s goal was to sell electronic books. In November 2007 when the first Kindle was launched,READ MORE

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9/12 2010

Where is RIM Going Wrong with the PlayBook?

Mike Lazaridis, the co-CEO of RIM gave quite a shocking interview this week on the All Things D mobile conference. What’s totally astounding for the CEO of Canada’s largest company is that he couldn’t clearly explain their strategy.


The hosts of All things D asked the questions that I think manyREAD MORE

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30/11 2010

Is Google bad at selecting employees?

The Google interview questions are legendary, the space for innovation and the fact that most of the people at Google are engineers is well known. Many people would love to work for Google, not necessarily for the great perks, but to be able get to make changes to society with a lot ofREAD MORE