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17/10 2011

Sell People the Good Life – An Evening with Bikram Choudhury


“All people want is the good life. I made a lot of money selling people the good life.” So, according to my memory, said Bikram Choudhury last night when he visited Montréal. It is a very astute and interesting remark. Bikram talked about how people want to live well, aboutREAD MORE

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13/10 2011

Steve Jobs, Air France and Expressing the Values of your Tribe

Whilst watching some of the older videos of Steve Jobs, I was particularly taken by this one pointed out but Mitch Joel at Twist Image. In it, Steve explains why he’s changing Apple’s advertising strategy from one focused on bits and feeds to one of emotions.

The new advertising, The Chosen Ones,READ MORE

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6/10 2011

A Tribute to Steve Jobs: Visionary, Persistance, a Great CEO

Yesterday Apple announced to the world the very sad news that Steve Jobs has passed away. Steve has had a profound impact on the lives of almost everyone on the planet, from desktop computer users, to movie watchers to mobile phone users. He really is one of the great AmericanREAD MORE

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27/09 2011

Why the Samsung Galaxy Tab still hasn’t bettered the iPad

I tried a new Samsung Galaxy Tab today. In someways it was an impressive device, but in far too many it fell down against the iPad. Here’s what’s right about it:-

– It’s very light, lighter than the iPad

– It had a nice bright screen, once I’d turned auto-brightnessREAD MORE

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10/06 2011

Why iCloud might just save Microsoft and Nokia

Apple this week launched its new iCloud concept of being able to have documents synced automatically between native apps on your phone, tablet and desktop computer. For individuals and small businesses this is an absolute boon. It will make content available on any device at any time with no particularREAD MORE

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8/06 2011

Why Apple is getting rid of the finder and what this means for you

Apple’s unveiling of their iCloud service at yesterday’s WWDC keynote marked the beginning in a sea-change of how we are going to interact with our computers. It marks the beginning of the end of the desktop file system.

You could argue that Google’s docs model has already done so, but the real differenceREAD MORE

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6/06 2011

What I’d like to see announced at WWDC for iOS, MacOS and iCloud.


Today marks the start of Apple’s 2011 WWDC, and possibly the biggest keynote event of the year. On this important occasion for Mac and iOS users, here’s my wish list of things I’d like to see apple announce.


You can use this to play ‘keynote bingo’ if that so takes yourREAD MORE

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1/06 2011

How Apple will disappoint with iCloud.


Much has already been written about Apple’s new and yet undisclosed iCloud service, and their North Carolina data centre which is believed to be powering the service.

Many are hoping for a super dooper service that will enable iOS users to be able to stream their music in a simple andREAD MORE

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29/05 2011

How to fail at social media relationships in two easy ways

This week I’ve had two social media encounters that have really brought it home as to how much many companies can easily fail at social media. In my first encounter, a restaurant in which I had checked-in and uploaded a picture with reached out to thank me for havingREAD MORE

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9/05 2011

The New Financial Reality

What if the situation we see today is the new financial reality? What if Americans will no longer use credit card debt to fuel the global economy?

Overspending on credit lines was probably supported by ever increasing house prices. But what if house prices stop going up and start going downREAD MORE