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9/12 2010

Where is RIM Going Wrong with the PlayBook?

Mike Lazaridis, the co-CEO of RIM gave quite a shocking interview this week on the All Things D mobile conference. What’s totally astounding for the CEO of Canada’s largest company is that he couldn’t clearly explain their strategy.


The hosts of All things D asked the questions that I think manyREAD MORE

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30/11 2010

Is Google bad at selecting employees?

The Google interview questions are legendary, the space for innovation and the fact that most of the people at Google are engineers is well known. Many people would love to work for Google, not necessarily for the great perks, but to be able get to make changes to society with a lot ofREAD MORE

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25/11 2010

Product Management and Sales

It’s great having a new product finished and ready for the market, but it’s no use if you can’t get it sold to your customers. For most product managers, that means working with the sales team to as their main sales channel.

In the presentation below, the major pitfalls and misunderstandingsREAD MORE

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16/11 2010

Interview with Pixels and Pills for AxcelRx Mobile

I was interviewed by Pixels and Pills regarding Aptilon’s AxcelRx Mobile, for which I’ve been acting as the Product Manager.


Aptilon’s Richard Beck Talks to P&P About Connecting Physicians with Pharma Reps from Zemoga on Vimeo.…

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21/10 2010

What’s the point of the MacBook Air?

It’s small, it’s light, it’s almost a notebook, isn’t it cool the MacBookAir? But it’s only got 2GB and a small “disk” space and slow old processor. For the same price you can buy a more performant Macbook!


This is of course a bit sterotypic. Of course, the MacBook Air will appealREAD MORE

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1/10 2010

Blackberry’s PlayBook – an interesting contender

This week RIM introduced it’s latest Blackberry product, a Tablet called the PlayBook. Should we be excited by this and should Apple be worried? What role can it play?

As of this moment the PlayBook, to all intents and purposes does not exist. Mike Lazardis of RIM walked around withREAD MORE

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16/09 2010

Social Media Tactics

Once you’ve decided to introduce a social media initiative to your company, you need to decide how to do it. One important comment needs to be made here:- the internet and social media make the actions of your company much more transparent. The acts of one part of the companyREAD MORE

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14/09 2010

Introducing Social Media to your Company

Somedays it may seem that everyone is now using social media to reach out to their customers or potential customers. Are you? You may feel that there is opportunity for you, or are not sure what that opportunity may be.

The first question when thinking about beginning a social media initiativeREAD MORE

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29/08 2010

Apple TV Changing the way we watch tv?

Here’s a really interesting article about Apple’s plans to allow TV rentals. It’s a really interesting idea and one that I think will find favor with many.

Note that o don’t have a cable service – we only watch series on DVD/downloads or rented films, so Apple’s proposed service wouldREAD MORE

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13/08 2010

Twitter Marketing and Engaging with Target Groups

Do you have the impression that watching a twitter stream is like watch US network television? Every two out of three tweets seems to be an advert for someone trying to sell something?

Is this what twitter has become? A sales channel? More than that, has twitter become a television likeREAD MORE