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4/08 2010

The BlackBerry Torch – Can it Save RIM?

Many pundits believed that BlackBerry knew they had to pull something amazing our of their hats with the new BlackBerry and their new operating system. There is, then, a rather lot of surprise that RIM has failed to do just that.

RIM Today

Where is BlackBerry today? They are on the defensiveREAD MORE

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21/07 2010

Microsoft’s Kin and Product Management

The launch and discontinuation of the Kin series of mobile phones, all within six weeks, could be described as one of the worst cases of product stewardship ever, especially considering the $1 billon cost involved. Every product manager should heed the lessons of Microsoft’s Kin.

What is Kin?

Kin was a telephoneREAD MORE

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9/06 2010

iOS4 is a great lesson for Strategic Product Managers

Apple’s latest update to their operating system is a great lesson to product managers. It’s a great mix of evolutionary updates, reaction to users and a vision on what their product should do.

There are many debates in the world of strategy concerning the extent to which companies should listen toREAD MORE

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4/06 2010

The Two Steves – Compare and Contrast

I was watching Steve Balmer’s interview at the All things Digital conference and was really astounded by the difference between his performance and that of Steve Jobs.

SJ’s vision of the world was clear, suscinent and logical. SB, on the other hand, didn’t really seem to expound any vision at all.READ MORE

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3/06 2010

Steve Jobs’ Presenting Style

I was watching Steve Jobs interview yesterday with All Things Digital. What I found really interesting was his style. He has gained this ability to come across as thoughtful, sincere yet very polished. Watch and listen as he seems to think about the different topics that he’s asked about.




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18/05 2010

Has the Blackberry a future?

RIM was once the king of the smartphone jungle. Everyone wanted to have a Blackberry, it was the killer device to have. With the launch of the iPhone everything has changed.


How does the Blackberry compare to other Smartphones?

There are really three areas where Blackberry is considered by many to beREAD MORE

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11/05 2010

The future of apps is the Client-Cloud model

There are many surprising trends that have taken place over the past few years, cloud computing, the browser becoming the OS, the iPhone app store phenomenon, the advent of fast and cheap broadband. All of these trends are making big changes to the relationship between software and the internet.



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8/02 2010

Why Product Management is Important

Product Management Provides Structure!

I was reminded last week why product management is so important for organizations that are developing new products. Without a product management process, new product development can be a chaotic costly affair and ultimately lead to an expensive failure.

My first involvement in a product management process cameREAD MORE
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3/02 2010

The end for Internet Explorer 6?

It’s with constant amazement that I find people still using Internet Explorer 6. It’s the browser equivalent of riding on a steam train in the age of the bullet train.

There are two groups of people still using this old browser:

  • Corporate workers whose IT departments won’t sanction an upgrade.
  • Non-technical users whoREAD MORE
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30/01 2010

Why the iPad will be a success – a Product Management view

First the expectation, and then the deception. Followers of technology both in the blogosphere and the traditional press were expecting more from the iPad.

It’s normal, technologists were expecting the iPad to be a computer – it’s not. IPad really is a third type of device.

To better understand this,READ MORE