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17/10 2011

Sell People the Good Life – An Evening with Bikram Choudhury


“All people want is the good life. I made a lot of money selling people the good life.” So, according to my memory, said Bikram Choudhury last night when he visited Montréal. It is a very astute and interesting remark. Bikram talked about how people want to live well, about how they want to live longer, be less sick and feel good.

Bikram has had a very interesting and illustrious career. He won the All India Yoga Championships and was sent by his Guru to Japan to support yoga teaching there. As a professional weight-lifter, he had a serious accident injuring his knees and was told he’d never walk again. With the help of his guru, he did indeed recover.

He put together a series of Yoga postures, he didn’t invent them, they all come from Hatha Yoga, and indicated the environment in which they must be used. This he calls Bikram Yoga, and he began to franchise this all over the world. Today his franchisees are opening three studios a day, making Bikram a very rich man.

And all of his wealth comes from giving people a good life (and a lot of hard work of course). Bikram has been able to take a passion for making people healthier and feel better, and he has combined that with an astute business mind.

In creating and positioning products, how can that concept of improving your life, giving you the good life, be interwoven into the characteristics of the products? How does that make your customers or mankind feel better or be better people?

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