Posted in Marketing
13/10 2011

Steve Jobs, Air France and Expressing the Values of your Tribe

Whilst watching some of the older videos of Steve Jobs, I was particularly taken by this one pointed out but Mitch Joel at Twist Image. In it, Steve explains why he’s changing Apple’s advertising strategy from one focused on bits and feeds to one of emotions.

The new advertising, The Chosen Ones, engages on an emotional level rather than on an intellectual one. In many ways it explains to you the type of person you will find in the Apple club, and invites you to join if you are that person. It’s inspirational. The final advertisement is embedded below.

Steve, in the first video, goes through a few strategies from different companies. Personally I love him calling out milk for lying about its health benefits (they do lie) and talking about how Nike never feature their products.

Another example I came across in the same week was a video from Air France. You may know Air France as the airline that keeps crashing their planes (Concorde, Brazil, Canada), but they want you to associate their service with a beauty that is typically French. Watch the spot below.

The question for a marketeer, is how can you engage with your audience on a deeper level that with product specifications? It is important to position your product or service correctly, to make sure customers understand the value you bring, but how do you take your messaging to the next level, to explain the values and aspirations of the customers who buy and use your product?

Leave your examples in the comments section below.