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  • Why Google’s Honeycomb is not Winning the Tablet Wars

    Since Google launched its Android Honeycomb operating system for tablets, many pundits have been predicting that Apple’s lead in the market will soon come to an end in favor of Android. It was clear to them that the popularity of Android smartphones will be replicated in the tablet market. HoweverREAD MORE

  • Why Apple’s Siri Needs to be an Open System


    When most people speak about voice recognition systems, they tend to be followed up by a short laugh or an inconsolable shrug. After all, and despite years of hope, voice recognition just hasn’t ever worked, especially if you have a non-US accent.

    But enter Siri from Apple. From what hard-nosed commentatorsREAD MORE

  • How Apple will disappoint with iCloud.


    Much has already been written about Apple’s new and yet undisclosed iCloud service, and their North Carolina data centre which is believed to be powering the service.

    Many are hoping for a super dooper service that will enable iOS users to be able to stream their music in a simple andREAD MORE