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3/02 2010

The end for Internet Explorer 6?

It’s with constant amazement that I find people still using Internet Explorer 6. It’s the browser equivalent of riding on a steam train in the age of the bullet train.

There are two groups of people still using this old browser:

  • Corporate workers whose IT departments won’t sanction an upgrade.
  • Non-technical users who don’t really consider the need to change.

It must be awfully frustrating to work for a corporation still on IE6. They tend to stick with this browser as they have quite an investment in software that has been tailored to IE6. Worse, a lot of that software has probably been tailored for in-house processes. So the vendor may have upgraded, but corporate IT may not be able to pay to customize the upgrade.

There is a cost to using IE6. Not only are there enhanced security risks, but the inefficiency of such an old browser compared with Chrome, Safari or Firefox is large, especially for employees using many web applications.

With Google’s recent announcement that it will no longer be supporting IE6, there will be an increasing amount of software and web providers that choose to do the same. This will put increased pressure on corporate IT to upgrade their systems. The old applications may run on IE6, but the newer technology won’t.

The moral in this story is that standards help. All browsers since IE6 have been much more standards compliant, even if they do have their individual quarks. When building or customizing software, build it to open standards as far as possible.

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