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4/06 2010

The Two Steves – Compare and Contrast

I was watching Steve Balmer’s interview at the All things Digital conference and was really astounded by the difference between his performance and that of Steve Jobs.

SJ’s vision of the world was clear, suscinent and logical. SB, on the other hand, didn’t really seem to expound any vision at all. Mr Balmer is really great at talking with passion, but you always seem to feel that he’s just re-iterating the way the world is today. No vision.

Steve Jobs:


Steve Balmer:


So, who are you betting on to provide a future shareholder value?

Another very interesting event was the use of analogies by Steve Jobs. Steve referred to current personal computers as “Mack Trucks”, and that analogy stuck so well that SB used it a day later in his interview. So that analogy brought SJ’s presence into SB’s interview. It was powerful.

Where can you use analogies in your presentations?