Posted in Concepts, Marketing
13/08 2010

Twitter Marketing and Engaging with Target Groups

Do you have the impression that watching a twitter stream is like watch US network television? Every two out of three tweets seems to be an advert for someone trying to sell something?

Is this what twitter has become? A sales channel? More than that, has twitter become a television like mass media channel where advertisers throw messages and hope some stick?

One of the great things about twitter is that people can, if they so desire, block out the mass advertisers and only receive updates from people they know and people they are interested in.

This impacts organizations greatly. I don’t believe that organizations that have a mass media mindset should refrain from twitter. On the contrary, everyone has value that they can give.

A real benefit of twitter is how open it it. It’s relatively easy to search through tweets to find people who are talking about or have something to say about a product or service. This is what standard marketeers love:- the ability to accurately find particular niches and communicate to them.

This is where organizations have to be careful. Their mass-media mindset could at this point lead them to sending adverts to their targeted audience. This would be a mistake and would be ineffectual. It’s at this point that organizations need to join the conversation and provide relevant help and information.

Their targets will see this as a value adding approach rather than a simple attempt to sell and the brand’s product will be seen in a better light.

Hence the need to understand that the engagement on twitter needs to be totally different from a traditional mass-media engagement.

One thing I have noticed is that much of the spammy tweets seem to be coming from smaller companies and mom and pop outfits. It’s a shame, and maybe it’s a question of resources, but these outfits are ones that can particularly benefit from twitter’s ability to find and engage with a niche community.