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6/06 2011

What I’d like to see announced at WWDC for iOS, MacOS and iCloud.


Today marks the start of Apple’s 2011 WWDC, and possibly the biggest keynote event of the year. On this important occasion for Mac and iOS users, here’s my wish list of things I’d like to see apple announce.


You can use this to play ‘keynote bingo’ if that so takes your fancy! Print this page and and tick the boxes of the desires that are fulfilled.




❏ Automatic downloading of subscribed podcasts.
❏ Syncing of documents between devices and Mac os à la evernote
❏ Deep integration of social networks.
❏ A social network broker, so any social network can be deeply integrated.
❏ Fix autocorrection so that it does try to correct its to it’s.
❏ Automatic sorting of applications into folders.
❏ Allowing applications to share files through a resource viewer, in the same way Pages can view iPhoto images.
❏ More rich text editing. At least bold and underline, especially on the iPad!
❏ The ability to add photos to an already composed email.
❏ Syncing purchased apps across devices.
❏ Improved cut and paste!
❏ Lock screen widgets / information.
❏ The ability to see other people’s calendars when setting up meetings. (This is a big one!)


Mac OS Lion


❏ Automatic syncing of iWork files between iOS devices and the desktop.
❏ A solution to loosing windows, when I click on the icon in the dock, I get the last window, and that’s not necessarily the one I want.
❏ Faster, less resource intensive Safari.
❏ More progress towards ditching the finder and moving away from the files and folder metaphor.




❏ Auto syncing of files between Lion and iOS devices, à la evernote.
❏ I want to be working on a resource on the Mac and have it easily appear on my iOS device at the push of a button..
❏ Storage and web viewing of my photos, with auto posting to selected social networks.
❏ Storage of bought iTunes moves and tv shows (they take up a lot of room)!
❏ Syncing of bookmarks and content information across devices.
❏ Open API for app developers to use to store information created in their apps in iCloud, and synced to that app across multiple devices and Mac OS clients.
❏ Auto syncing of podcast and media status across multiple devices.
❏ A global clipping mechanism available across all Apple devices.
❏ A shared space to be able to provide files to other apple account holders (like dropbox sharing, but more flexible).
❏ One click file sharing from anywhere in finder. Right click, share, generate URL, auto-upload file and send. Bam.


Any ideas on what you’d like? Think these ideas do or don’t make sense? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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