Posted in Concepts, Marketing
9/05 2011

Why is Barnes and Noble’s Nook so Important to Amazon?


Without Barnes and Noble’s Nook, innovation in the ebook and ereader sector would be very limited. Today the biggest player in the space is Amazon’s Kindle, available as a standalone reader and as applications on all major mobile and desktop platforms. It has the largest reach of any ebook platform.

However, the Kindle doesn’t seem to be innovating. If you look at its iPad software, there are no interesting animations, books contain little in the way of graphics and page layout is very, very basic.

Yet when you consider the enormous potential for ebooks, from incorporating images, to videos to animations, it becomes clear that innovation in the ereader space is clearly required.

Thus, in comes the Nook and Apple’s iBooks. Barnes and Noble have released a colour Nook based on Google’s Android platform, that is capable of bringing to ebooks a technological platform that will enable them to fulfill their potential. If you haven’t seen the latest Nook ad, take a look below.

This kind of innovation can help push the major player, which is Amazon, to improve its offering too, showing how important it is to have a serious and aggressive competitor in the market place. Barnes and Noble have been aggressively pushing the Nook through their still extensive network of stores, helping them to create their presence in the ebook world, arguably more effectively than either Apple or Canada’s Kobo.