Posted in Concepts, Marketing
27/09 2011

Why the Samsung Galaxy Tab still hasn’t bettered the iPad

I tried a new Samsung Galaxy Tab today. In someways it was an impressive device, but in far too many it fell down against the iPad. Here’s what’s right about it:-

– It’s very light, lighter than the iPad

– It had a nice bright screen, once I’d turned auto-brightness off. The screen is better than the Motorola Zoom screen

– It has a good quality feel about it

– Samsung have added a few widgets that made the information retrieval more interesting.

This is what I didn’t like about the Tab:-

– What’s with the vibration when I hit the home button and type? That’s awful, especially since the vibration is on one side. I dare say you can turn this off.

– The long and thin aspect ratio makes the tab harder to handle than the iPad, even though it’s lighter

– It’s slow, even with a dual core processor

– Android Honeycomb.

The single biggest issue with this tablet is Android Honeycomb. It’s clunky and unrefined when compared with the iPad. It’s not pleasant to use, and until it becomes so, there is no good reason to buy this or any other android tablet.